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, henry. - hi, mr. washington. - heard you were a big hit last night. - yeah, well. thanks. - sorry i couldn't make it. - that's okay. well, victor, i was just about to give up on you. i'm sorry. it's just that there's always so much paperwork. i can't seem to catch up. how many times do i need to tell you ? slow down. leave a little time for the really important things. you mean, like our chess game ? exactly. thank you, katherine. i can't believe you're really leaving this place. me neither. i hope you and carol will be joining us for the going-away party tonight. i wouldn't miss it for the world. of course i do. it's just that jihan is not yet convinced we should go back to cairo. when do you fly back ? all right. i will call you soon. - what did i tell you, victor ? - not so quickly. you haven't won yet. oh. you'll have to excuse me, jess. - but it's your move. - this will only take a minute. so, what have you got for me today ? - rice, olive oil and tomato sauce. - ah. very good. thank you. see you next week. excuse me, mr. brashov. i'll be on vacation next week, so i've got to
'm jess washington. the best customer in the entire world. it's nice to meet you all. i hope you find these as good as you remember. thank you very much. - senor sanchez. - mr. brashov. hombre. rosa says you are like a father to her. she is better than a daughter to me. i don't have to pay her bills. so, what brings you to the states ? rosa. actually, he's on his way to a conference in new york. in fact, we are only speaking english when miguel is here so he can practice. i have been in the states more than 30 years and he speaks better english than me ! come on in. carrie ? are you here ? i guess not. well, this is it. not exactly a palace but it's okay for now. - it's very nice. - how about something to drink ? water would be great. i brought something for you from home. miguel ! it's beautiful ! it belonged to my mother and to her mother before her. thank you. rosa, please sit down. there is something i want to talk to you about. now that i have finished architecture school-- - oh, hi. - [ rosa ] hi, carrie ! this is miguel. miguel, this is my roommate,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2